Youth Education

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The Central Illinois Chapter provides a variety of free classes to children in the Peoria area. Red Cross instructors will visit your classroom or group to teach children one or more of the classes detailed below. All classes are age-specific, last approximately 30 minutes to one hour and are FREE.

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Health & Safety Classes

Scrubby Bear: Teaches children about germs, how they spread and the correct hand washing techniques. (Ages 3 - 8)

Germ Free!: Jeopardy or Pictionary game about germs and the flu. (Ages 8 & up)

Winter or Summer Safety: Teaches children how to stay safe in the sum¬mer or winter and how to recognize and respond to emergencies. (Ages 3 - 8)

Longfellow’s Whales Tales: Teaches children about water safety and the importance of swimming in a supervised area. (Ages 3 - 11)

Bow-Wow-Ow: Teaches children how to stay safe around dogs. (Ages 3 - 8)

Gun Safety: Teaches children the difference between real and toy guns and what to do if a child finds a gun. (Ages 3 - 8)

Disaster Preparedness Classes

Fire Safety: Teaches children how to be safe around household items and basic fire prevention and response. (Ages 3 & up)

Tornado Safety: Teaches children how to respond in the event of a tornado. (Ages 3 & up)

Be Ready 1-2-3: Cool Cat, Ready Rabbit and Disaster Dog teach how to prevent and respond to fires, storms and earthquakes. (Ages 3 - 9)

Masters of Disaster: Teaches children how to prepare for disasters and the science behind disasters. Topics include storms, tornadoes, lightning, floods and earthquakes. (Ages 8 - 13)

Fire Safety House

First Aid Classes

First Aid for Children Today (FACT): Children discover ways to protect

themselves and others from harm. There are four seperate lessons: First Aid, Healthy Living Habits, Stranger Safety and First Aid for the Environment. Each lesson is covered in one 30-minute session. (Ages 3 - 9)

Basic Aid Training (BAT): Five seperate lessons: basic first aid, choking skills, wound prevention, poison safety and home alone. Each lesson is covered in one 30-minute session. (Ages 8 - 12)

Til Help Arrives: Teaches young people how to recognize and respond to a variety of emergency situations. (Ages 11 & up)

Traffic Safety - These classes are made possible thanks to a grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Bicycle Safety - a 30-45 minute program that teaches young people the rules of the road, the importance of wearing a helmet and bicycle safety. (ages 5 & up)

Buckle Bear/ I'm Safe in the Car - is a fun way to teach children the importance of wearing their seat belts and using their car-seats/booster seats. It also discusses when it is appropriate for children to sit in a regular car seat. This presentation lasts 30 minutes. Also available as a Puppet Show. (Buckle Bear, ages 2-4; I'm Safe in the Car, ages 4-8)

Bus/Pedestrian Safety - includes fun activities to teach children tips for riding the bus and walking safely. Also available as a puppet show. This presentation can be separated upon request. (ages 3-11)

Distracted Driving - teaches young people how to recognize and avoid distractions that occur when they are driving. Can be combined with Aggressive Driving class. (ages 14 & up)

Fatal Vision - uses "special goggles" with distorted lenses and a video to teach young people that drinking and driving is not a responsible choice. The presentation lasts 45 - 60 minutes. (ages 10 & up)

Seat Belt Safety - teaches young people the importance of and appropriate techniques for using seat belts. (ages 8 & up)

Ride F.A.S.T – Designed for “tweens,” Ride F.A.S.T stands for Fatal Vision, Appropriate passenger, and Seatbelts for Tweens. It teaches about behaviors in and around cars. The presentation lasts 45 -60 minutes. (ages 10-15)

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