2011 Heroes

Lt. Tom Seyfert


Lt. Tom Seyfert is a paramedic and has worked for the Sedgwick County EMS for ten years. On March 24, 2011, Seyfert responded to a motor vehicle accident where a victim was pinned inside a vehicle unconscious and not breathing.

On the scene, Lt. Seyfert was able to get into the wrecked vehicle to clear the victim’s breathing passage, which ultimately saved the victim's life. With Seyfert's heroic actions, he and a team were able to remove the victim from the vehicle, where the person was rushed to Via Christi Hospital in critical condition. Thanks to Lt. Tom Seyfert and his rapid response, a man's life was saved.

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Bill Hayes

NuStar Energy, L.P. Disaster Relief Hero

Bill Hayes began his career with the American Red Cross Midway-Kansas Chapter in 1995 where he became a member of the Disaster Action Team (DAT) taking fire calls throughout all hours of the night.

In 2009, he became the DAT Coordinator and has helped to revamp the structure of Red Cross fire response in the area. Bill is a dispatcher and is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After being notified of a fire, he can either send out teams or respond himself.

Bill spends countless hours training new DAT members, and his training methods have been applied both locally and throughout the state. Whether the disaster is local or national, Bill continues to support the American Red Cross and assist families during their greatest need.

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Reverend Jackie Carter

BKD Community Hero

Reverend Jackie Carter has been a Pastor at the First Metropolitan Community Church for four years. Prior to being a Pastor at First Metropolitan Community Church, Jackie worked at Star Lumber for 24 years.

In her time and efforts at First Metropolitan Community Church, she has increased the number of people served by its food pantry from 30 to 650 people a week. She has also hosted the church’s fourth annual Neighborhood Night Out, organized classes to teach people to prepare fresh fruits and vegetables and has continued to organize fundraisers to buy food for the less fortunate.

Reverend Jackie Carter is not only an important asset to the First Metropolitan Community Church but a community hero to south-central Kansas.

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Rocky Bumgarner and Damon Holmes

Emprise Bank Firefighter Hero

Rocky Bumgarner and Damon Holmes were both assigned to Squad 19 for the Wichita Fire Department on Sept. 14, 2010, when they responded to a call of an unconscious person at a local restaurant.Upon arrival at the scene, Bumgarner and Holmes gave immediate medical assistance to the victim who was unresponsive and cyanotic. Both Bumgarner and Holmes worked together to administer rescue breathing and applied an automated external defibrillator to determine the patient's cardiac condition. After administering electric shocks on the patient, he began to show signs of improvement. Both firefighters continued medical care as the patient was taken to Via Christi Hospital, where he made a complete recovery.

Thanks to the heroic acts of these two firefighters, a man's life was saved.

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Tom Gillespie

iSi Environmental Give Life Hero

Tom Gillespie has been an American Red Cross platelet donor since 1987 and prior to that time he donated whole blood. He donates twice a month, 24 times a year, which is the maximum a person can donate.Tom has donated more than 81 gallons of blood, which has helped save the lives of up to 648 people. He is just one of two people in the state of Kansas that has donated more 80 gallons of blood, and Tom is the second highest platelet donor in Kansas. He goes above and beyond by donating both his blood and his time.

Tom volunteers for the American Red Cross Blood Services, where he delivers blood every Sunday and works to support local blood drives.

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Joel Janssen

Spirit AeroSystems Good Samaritan Hero

On his way to visit a friend, Joel Janssen demonstrated courage and care upon encountering an unusual incident of a disabled man stranded in a field.

Joel was the only person who had stopped that day as a man was stranded in a field desperate to get someone’s attention. After talking with the man, Joel learned that he was a paraplegic and unable to find cover from the hot summer day after his specialized lawnmower broke down.

Before the extreme heat took its toll on the man, Joel returned the lawnmower to its storage and ensured the man was safe and healthy. It is too often that an act of kindness is overlooked; however, Joel’s act of kindness has earned him the Spirit AeroSystems Good Samaritan Hero Award.

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Officer Nichelle Woodrow

INTRUST Bank Law Enforcement Hero

Officer Nichelle Woodrow has been a member of the Wichita Police Department for more than eleven years. Most recently as a beat officer covering the Delano district, she has seen significant growth in the area, which has also brought an increase in the area’s homeless population.

During her time with the homeless, she has gone above and beyond to see that the residents of her beat have the assistance and resources they need. Officer Woodrow has secured donations from local businesses for coveralls, blankets and food for the homeless. Nichelle’s compassion and hard work on her beat have earned her the respect of the city, and she has changed the way Wichita works with the homeless to help improve their lives.

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SSgt. David Perry

Capitol Federal Military Hero

Sgt. David Perry began work as a non-commissioned officer in charge of the Religious Support Program at McConnell AFB Chapel. Before his responsibilities at McConnell, Perry was an Air Force Honor Guard for six years at Arlington National Cemetery.

Sergeant Perry spends a great deal of his time in charge of the Airmen Ministry Program, which is a targeted program to mentor and help McConnell’s youngest airmen. He also worked to gain $14,000 in funding for the ministry center. As a result, several important equipment upgrades were made. Sergeant Perry was also involved in receiving $60,000 in materials to perform the day-to-day missions at McConnell Air Force Base.

Perry continues to positively influence the young airmen at McConnell while still finding time to help coach his son’s t-ball and soccer team. Perry also participates in the city-wide event named, “Love Wichita.”

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Leo Andrade

Youth Good Samaritan Hero

Leo noticed smoke coming from his neighbor’s home. He approached the front door then back, while knocking and asking if anyone was home. After opening the door, Leo was able to hear the woman in the home. Leo filled his lungs with oxygen and immediately went back into the home, located the woman and successfully removed her from the burning home.

Leo Andrade, a high school student at Valley Center High School and after-school employee of Sonic, acted quickly and rationally in his rescue of a 53-year-old woman who was trapped in a house fire. For his actions, Leo has been awarded the Metro Xpress Youth Good Samaritan Hero Award.

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