Disaster Services

  • About the Midway Kansas Chapter
Provides help 24 hours a day to individuals and families who have disaster-caused needs. This is a service in which Red Cross volunteers and staff respond to disasters ranging from a family home fire to larger disasters, such as tornadoes and floods.

How we help

Fires. Locally, Red Cross responds to house fires nearly every day. Whether a family knows it or not, Red Cross will arrive on the scene after they’ve lost everything. It works hand-in-hand with local fire officials to determine exactly when Red Cross is needed. Disaster Action Teams respond 24 hours a day to residential fires to help families rebuild.

Disaster preparedness. Twice a year, your Red Cross hosts disaster training classes to help its community be better prepared for local and national disasters. All classes are free and train the public about important disaster-related topics like how to care for large amounts of people and how to help people recover emotionally after a catastrophic event.

Local, regional and national disasters. Across the street, around the country and throughout the world, people depend on the Red Cross. They know the emblem stands for hope and compassion. Your local Red Cross is part of an international movement to alleviate human suffering. Midway-Kansas volunteers respond locally and abroad to disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and floods. All the assistance Red Cross provides is free, made possible by generous supporters like you.

Want to get involved?

To enroll in online courses, register online. Learn the fundamentals about disasters, community response and the role of the Red Cross during these events. This course will also help you decide what volunteer job you might be most interested in.

Safe and Well Listing

The American Red Cross Safe and Well website is an internet-based tool that families can integrate into their family communications plan and also one that the Red Cross will use to help disaster victims communicate from inside the disaster-affected areas to loved ones outside.

People within a disaster area can register themselves as “safe and well” by selecting and posting standard messages for friends and family that indicate they are safe and well at a shelter, home or hotel, and will make contact when they are able. Concerned family members who know the person’s phone number (home, cell or work) or a complete home address can search for the messages posted by those who self-register.