Volunteer Opportunities

Health & Safety

Volunteer with our Health and Safety department to be an integral part of teaching lifesaving skills. Volunteers are needed to present information on available classes to interested groups, teach CPR and First Aid, assist with class logistics and help out with administrative work in the office.


Our facilities department utilizes volunteers in a variety of roles, from groups who assist with vehicle cleaning to individuals who help with front desk service or fix-it projects around the building.

Service to the Armed Forces

Volunteer with our Service to the Armed Forces department to support military members and their families. Volunteers are needed to assist with outreach (such as briefing on Red Cross services at pre-deployment events or sorting and delivering holiday cards for active and veteran military members) and to help in a variety of capacities at VA hospitals.


Our Preparedness department works to get individuals and communities ready for potential emergency situations. Volunteers can facilitate workshops or participate at events geared toward informing people about the importance of being prepared. Volunteers can also present with the Safety Mobile program, designed to educate elementary school children on safety topics. Volunteers fluent in other languages (Hmong, Oromo, Somali, and Spanish, in particular) are needed in an effort to reach all community members.

Disaster Services

The Red Cross responds to small and large disasters, from home fires to tornadoes to floods and other disasters. Volunteers are needed for a variety of response roles including those who respond in-person, those who coordinate efforts behind-the-scenes, those who provide their medical expertise, those who provide their mental health expertise, those who provide their public affairs expertise, and those who meet with clients after-the-fact to assist with resources.

Most of these roles require on-call hours (volunteers sign up for shifts based on their availability), and all Disaster volunteers must be at least 18 years of age, commitment to at least 1 year of service, and attend approximately 20 hours of prerequisite training.


All departments at the Red Cross utilize volunteers. Professionals in the fields of Photography, Accounting, IT, and other specialized areas can contribute their talents to the Red Cross by finding the right opportunity!