Oldham County Programs

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The Oldham County Red Cross Food Pantry helps Oldham County families in need get food staples into their home. Each year the pantry is able to provide food for an average of 1,200 individuals while maintaining a reserve for disasters. Families are limited to one food box every three months and must fill out an application to determine whether or not they qualify for the program.

Applications can be picked up or dropped off at the Oldham County Red Cross Food Pantry, 1215 North Highway 393 in Buckner, KY.

The pantry is run by a group of dedicated volunteers and depends on donations from the community. To schedule a time to drop off a donation or to make an appointment to pick up your food box, call the Oldham County Red Cross at 502-222-0308.

The American Red Cross Oldham County Food Pantry is now registered on AmpleHarvest.org. AmpleHarvest.org connects gardeners to food pantries in their community. By sharing excess produce, gardeners get to help their neighbors by reaching into their own backyard. It is a simple, green, and free way to help diminish hunger in the community and the country. Visit www.AmpleHarvest.org for more information.

Seasonal Assistance

School Clothing & Supplies for Kids - Each August the Oldham County Red Cross collects school supplies and clothes to give to kids in need. This program was started in 1990 and runs in conjunction with the Oldham County School Board.

Holiday Gift Program

During the holidays, the Oldham County Red Cross helps collect gifts for children who are not able to afford them. Applications for the program are accepted from families during the month of October and community members sponsor a family by purchasing gifts for the children. This program serves more than 450 children each year.