Tiffany Circle

  • Louisville Red Cross, Tiffany Circle
The Tiffany Circle is a powerful leadership network of women who want to change lives, save lives and strengthen communities through a focused investment of time, talent and treasure in the American Red Cross. More about Tiffany Circle

Kentucky Region Tiffany Circle Members
  • Madeline Abramson
  • Jennifer Adrio
  • Marcia Brey
  • Joan Coffey
  • Susan Day*
  • Peg Diebold
  • Charlotte Donan
  • Mary Gaylord McClean
  • Jeannine Flynn
  • Jill Howard* **
  • Pam Klinner
  • Angela Leet
  • Deborah Moessner
  • Patrice O’Brien
  • Sue Ratkowski*
  • Mary Rivers*
  • Lindy Street*
  • Elizabeth Taylor
* Founding Member
** Bonnie McElveen-Hunter (BMH) Member

Each summer Tiffany Circle members from across the country gather at the Tiffany Circle Summit in Washington, D.C. to share best practices. Additionally, the Kentucky Region Tiffany Circle hosts a variety of events throughout the year to raise awareness of Red Cross services. Check out photos from our Tiffany Circle events on Flickr.

Contact Us
For more information regarding the Tiffany Circle Society of Women Leaders, please contact Jeanne Curtis, Major Gift Officer, at 502-561-3773 or