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During the Civil War, Clara Barton began a tireless campaign to comfort sick and wounded soldiers in the midst of battle. She risked her life to take food and medical supplies to these men and soon became known as the “Angel of the Battlefield.” In 1881, she went on to found one of the greatest humanitarian organizations in the world, the American Red Cross.

Today, women across our nation have joined together to create a powerful network of philanthropists who want to change lives, save lives and strengthen their communities. Members of the Society of Women Leaders are a like-minded group of individuals fully invested in the mission of the American Red Cross.

These women helped your local Red Cross provide disaster relief services to hundreds of families who were victims of a local disaster such as a house fire. They also helped us teach lifesaving skills like CPR, first aid and disaster preparedness to over 57,000 individuals. Donations from Tiffany Circle members supported these programs and services.

Because women control more wealth than their male counterparts, they also make more of the financial decisions in the home including charitable giving decisions. In essence, they give not only time and talent, they give their treasure.

Your investment in the American Red Cross enables the noble work that began on the battlefield to continue. Please join us in this effort to ensure that our vital mission continues.