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Kimberly Burton

Kimberly Burton

Kimberly Burton was appointed CEO of American Red Cross, Michigan Region, in March 2015. Ms. Burton had served as a consultant for the past year, providing private and nonprofit groups with services in strategic framework development/implementation and foundation relations.

Prior to that, she was vice president of corporate services and director of diversity and inclusive practices for the Council of Michigan Foundations for more than five years, where she executed and led a $3 million initiative to institutionalize diversity and inclusion in philanthropy throughout Michigan. She also served as vice president at the Charter One Bank Foundation for four years, where she directed the Charter One Foundation and its charitable contributions programs while facilitating the charitable giving process, grant recommendations, and budgeting.

From 1993-2005, Ms. Burton held the position of vice president of community relations at Orchards Children’s Services, the largest private foster care and adoption agency in the state of Michigan with an operating budget of $30,000,000. Ms. Burton implemented and administered all community relations, fund development, foster and adoptive parent recruitment and partnership initiatives, as well as implementing a strategic marketing and communications plan.

Ms. Burton holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Michigan.

Michigan Regional Leadership

Kimberly Burton
Regional Chief Executive Officer
Michigan Region
100 Mack Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201

Michigan Region Volunteer Boards of Directors

Red Cross of East Central Bay-Michigan- Board of Directors

  • Mary Lou Benecke
  • Margaret Guzzardo
  • Mike Snyder
  • Brandon Toyzan
  • Midland & Bay Counties:
  • Lori Adams-Simon
  • Scott Ayotte
  • Carrie Linderoth
  • Ron Schalow
  • Genesee & Lapeer Counties:
  • Deborah Anderson
  • Richard Beauchamp
  • Ed Benning
  • John Biscoe
  • Tony Burks
  • Kelly Crystal
  • Susumu Inoue
  • Keith Kirby
  • Vera Perry
  • Andrew Schmitt
  • Art Wenzlaff

Red Cross of Mid-Michigan - Board of Directors

  • Ann Blair
  • Denise Deschaine
  • Connie Donovan
  • Nancy Elwood
  • Joe Findlater
  • Amy Ronayne Krause
  • Richard Langley
  • Dino Muzzin
  • David O’Leary
  • Debbie Petersmark
  • Mary Pierce
  • Robert Proctor
  • Rudy Reyes
  • Paulette Granberry-Russell
  • Todd Surline

Red Cross of Northern Michigan - Board of Directors

  • Lisa Baker
  • Michael Caruso
  • Bruce Finlayson
  • Pat Livingston
  • Greg Matyas
  • Glen MacPherson
  • Douglas Morgenstern
  • Todd Nienhouse
  • Pat Parker
  • Joseph Sarafa
  • Andi Wagenschutz

Red Cross of Southeast Michigan - Board of Directors

  • Bettye Arrington-Martin
  • Irene Dimitry
  • Cindy Dion
  • Fadwa Fawaz
  • Joya Harris
  • Will Heritage III
  • Daryl Kaiser
  • Deb Macon
  • Francis McGeorge
  • Phillip McKenna
  • Tim Mervak
  • George Nicholson
  • Terry Rebert
  • Leonard Rezmierski
  • Barbara Rossmann
  • Bradley Simmons
  • Victoria Steward
  • Janice Tessier
  • Richard Tschirhart
  • Richard Ward

Red Cross of Southwest Michigan - Board of Directors

  • Scott Corbin
  • Durk Dunham
  • Stephen Frantz
  • Richard Fuller
  • Decker Hains
  • Whitney Kemerling
  • Joe Kiser
  • Daniel Liehr
  • Betty Lee Ongley
  • Heather Phillips
  • Martha Warfield
  • Berrien County:
  • Christine Brule
  • Connie Kepner
  • Kelly Laesch
  • Mark Lloyd
  • Glen Matz
  • Jane Oelke
  • Lesa Phillips
  • Alex Schaeffer

Red Cross of West Michigan - Board of Directors

  • Grand Rapids:
  • Helen Berghoef
  • Steve Blubaugh
  • Michelle Bottrall
  • Dan Brondyk
  • Jon Dewey
  • Joy Fossel
  • Lisa Gustafson
  • Nadeem Hamid
  • Victoria Kobza-Sotak
  • Dr. Vivianne Moore
  • Holland/Ottawa:
  • Brad Bright
  • Ruggles Church
  • Deb VanderJagt
  • Lori Varner
  • Mecosta:
  • Trisha Newcombe
  • David Nicol
  • Karen Shane
  • Ken Smith
  • Muskegon:
  • Mary Boyd
  • Camille Jourden-Mark
  • John Snider
  • Amy VanLoon
  • Caitlin Ward