Boots to Business

  • Boots to Business

The American Red Cross and MGM Resorts International have created a program to enable U.S. Veterans to use their leadership skills as new assistant managers and managers hired into MGM properties.

Boots To Business is a program that helps service members take their experiences from the field, and translate them into skills that can be used in management positions with MGM Resorts.

Boots To Business encompasses a number of aspects to prep candidates and then empower them as they grow into MGM’s corporate culture. Prior to application, they work with Ann Renee Parks – Red Cross Service To Armed Forces Special Project Manager – to re-work their resume, and prep for their interviews. Candidates are interviewed by MGM Resorts for positions.

Once hired, the veterans then enter multiple training programs at MGM Resorts including the American Red Cross Reconnection Workshops Sponsored by Walmart – workshops that enhance the likelihood of positive reconnections between family members and the successful reintegration of service members into civilian life. If there is a successful reintegration in the home; it improves success at work as well.

Eleven U.S. Veterans have graduated from the program and have begun their new careers at MGM Resorts.

For more information, contact American Red Cross Veteran Employment Manager, Anne Renee Parks at or 313-833-3854