Minnesota Holidays for Heroes

Say Thanks to Military Members and Veterans

Each year through Holidays for Heroes, the Minnesota Red Cross collects cards between October and early December, and then distributes them to active-duty military and veterans.

We invite you to be part of this American Red Cross Service to Armed Forces program, which shares gratitude and best wishes to those who are serving, or have served, our country.

Instructions For Sending Cards

  • In order to make cards as meaningful as possible to a wide audience, we recommend that the public use generic card titles such as “Dear Service Member” or “Dear Veteran” when writing cards.
  • Cards should not be addressed to a specific service member as we have no way of personalizing delivery. The cards should not include a date as well.
  • We ask that cards do not contain glitter because some cards may end up at the bedside of a wounded service member and can aggravate existing health issues.
  • We ask that people not enclose any items with the holiday cards. Any items enclosed with the holiday cards will be removed, including photos and other gifts.
  • Please do not place individual cards in envelopes. Because we review each individual card before sending them to our service members, they will be removed from the envelopes.
  • We ask that cards not carry any religious theme. We want to ensure that the cards are meaningful to large portion of our service members.
  • Cards containing the personal information (phone number, address) will not be accepted. You may list where you are from, however please do not include additional information.
  • Mail your cards to the address below or drop them off at your local chapter office by December 1, 2017.

    American Red Cross Minnesota Region - 1201 West River Parkway, Minneapolis, MN 55454

    In addition to sending cards, you could help sort and bundle cards for distribution. To learn more, or to get answers to other Holidays for Heroes questions, contact Jason Bengston at jason.bengtson@redcross.org or (612) 872-3214.