Clara Barton Society

For nearly 150 years, Clara Barton has been a symbol of American compassion and resourcefulness in times of crisis. Now, through membership in the Clara Barton Society, donors can honor the sacred trust that the founder of the American Red Cross has placed in our hands.

Clara Barton Society members help ensure that the Eastern Missouri Region of the American Red Cross has the capacity to respond immediately, whenever someone is in need. This support helps us meet our community's critical needs for disaster preparedness and response, lifesaving training, services to military members and their families, and international humanitarian care. Together we can help save lives!

Membership in the Clara Barton Society is open to all who share a commitment to ensuring the safety of the community and support the Chapter with an annual contribution of $1,000 or more.

  • James Bealmer
  • Buddy & Nancy Bolinger
  • Richard Brady
  • Dr. Edward H. Coe, Jr.
  • John Robert Cusick
  • Rebecca Erickson
  • Mary S. & Donald A. Fontana
  • Chanda & Franklin E. Foster
  • Walter Gruer
  • Cyrus & Mary Harbout
  • Hollis Haworth
  • Leroy & Susie Martin
  • David McDaniel
  • Donald McMullin
  • Melinda Rutter
  • John Wilke