Community Disaster Education

  • Red Cross Volunteer Providing Comfort
Get the facts you need—before, during, and after a disaster or emergency situation. The American Red Cross has developed a thorough Community Disaster Education program that helps build a “culture of prevention” in our community. Our mitigation programs in the Kansas City-metro area include presentations ranging from fire safety to senior disaster preparedness. We also conduct a smoke alarm replacement/installation program.

Community Disaster Presentations

Red Cross presentations are available free of charge to groups, organizations and businesses. Our courses require a minimum of 10 people and typically an hour.
  • Disaster Preparedness: Learn how to set up communication and escape plans as well as how to put together a disaster supply kit.
  • Earthquake Safety: Learn earthquake basics and how to stay safe during and after an earthquake
  • Fire Safety: Learn how to set up a family fire escape plan and improve your ability to get out of a fire alive
  • Flood and Flash Flood Safety: Learn what to do in the event of a flood or flash flood watch or warning and how to set up a family disaster plan.
  • Heat Wave Safety: Learn how to treat and respond to heat-related illness, such as heat stroke and other heat-wave hazards.
  • Preparing for the Unexpected (1.5 hours): Learn what to do when disaster strikes, how to evacuate a home or office safely, how to shelter in place and understand basic care steps for an injured victim.
  • Senior Disaster Preparedness: Learn about the medical needs to consider when preparing for a disaster.
  • Thunderstorm and Lightning Safety: Learn about the different dangers of thunderstorms, their warning signals, and how to stay safe during and after a thunderstorm.
  • Tornado Safety: Learn the difference between a tornado watch and tornado warning and how to set up a family disaster plan.
  • Winter Storm Safety: Learn about the hazards associated with winter weather and how to put together a family disaster supply kit.
  • Pandemic Flu (1 hour): Learn how to prevent the spread of seasonal and pandemic flu.
  • Disaster Preparedness for those with Disabilities: Participants will learn about creating a personal support network and the disaster preparedness needs to consider for people with disabilities.
To request a presentation, please contact Kathleen Wilmes at (816) 841-5286 or e-mail