• Montana Preparedness
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Emergency Planning & Preparation

Be Red Cross Ready. Big or small, prepare for it all. From the flu to natural disasters, life is full of the unexpected. But in the midst of uncertainty, the American Red Cross can help to give you peace of mind. Being prepared makes life’s challenges easier to handle. A little planning can help your family be ready for whatever comes along.

Workplace Training Class

Workplace and Employees

.Is your business prepared for an emergency? From a heart attack on the shop floor to a fire during working hours to a flood that destroys your inventory – emergencies and disasters can strike anytime, anywhere. Will your employees know how to respond? Will your business survive?

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School and Students

The American Red Cross encourages teaching preparedness in the classroom. Instructing students what to do in the event of an emergency can help save lives both at school and at home. Learning how to be prepared can be a fun activity that holds knowledge children will carry with them throughout their lives.