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New Hampshire - Programs and Services - Disaster Services

Disaster Services

Red Cross disaster relief focuses on meeting people's immediate emergency needs caused by disaster. When disaster threatens or strikes, the Red Cross provides shelter, food, and health and emotional health service to address basic human needs and assist individuals and families in resuming their normal daily activities independently.

Military service woman with her family

Service to the Armed Forces

The American Red Cross provides worldwide 24-hour communications services that keep military personnel and their families in touch during an emergency or other important event. Using the latest technology, the Red Cross delivers urgent messages, and we also provide help in coordinating hardship leave, accessing financial assistance, information referral, and counseling.

Red Cross responders at disaster site holding a baby

International Services

The Red Cross provides humanitarian services to our refugee and immigrant communities by reconnecting loved ones separated by conflict, natural disaster or other humanitarian situations and by ensuring broad dissemination of humanitarian principles.

Red Cross instructor teaching a preparedness class at a company

School Safety Initiative

The School Safety Initiative (SSI) Program was developed to teach children, teens, and young adults safety awareness and safety skills. Through the SSI programs students of all ages learn how to prevent accidents before they happen. Since accidents do occur even with the best prevention, students also learn how to prepare for and respond to a variety of emergency situations. They learn basic first aid skills, gain an understanding of how natural disasters occur, and learn how to deal with terrorism and tragic events. SSI also enables students to start a school club and become involved in their community by promoting Red Cross service projects and trainings that help their school, families, and communities. The American Red Cross has offered this program for over eight years in the Nashua, NH area free of charge thanks to funds annually Granted from Oracle Corporation.

Training & Certification

Training & Certification

The American Red Cross offers a wide variety of classes that meet the needs of the general public, workplaces, schools and organizations.

New Hampshire - Programs and Services - Transportation Program

Transportation Program

All transportation requests are welcome. All those transported must be able to self-assist themselves into/out of vehicle.

DC National Capital - Program - Give Blood

Blood Services

The need is constant and your contribution is important for a healthy and reliable blood supply. And you’ll feel good knowing you've helped change a life.