Meet our Volunteers

  • Two Red Cross youth volunteers comforting a woman in a shelter

If you like to help people you have come to the right place. Your local Red Cross unit could have just the opportunity – from training to be and ready to respond to disasters to supporting a blood drive from delivering messages to our US service personnel to connecting families displaced by disasters or conflict.

Check out these interesting responses from dedicated Red Cross volunteers:

What does the Red Cross mean to you?

“To me the Red Cross means comfort and compassion at times when those are the only things that can possibly help”

“An organization that helps people from birth to death.”

“A link to home for Military personnel.”

“I believe in the mission, providing a service to families of disasters is very heartwarming and fulfilling. Also, educating the public through classes.”

“Hard work, devotion, honesty, friendship.”

“It is the most highly respected, unbiased, and effective humanitarian organization in the world consistently there to its mission and constantly seeking to improve its efficient use of entrusted fund to serve those in need.”

“I used to associate the Red Cross with just blood donation, but I now see it as a source of support during disasters, weather events, and for our armed services.”

How do you feel about your experience with the Red Cross:

“The Red Cross delivered aid packages to my father’s unit in France in WWI.”

“I have given 53 years to the American Red Cross as a volunteer in Emergency Services, setting up a volunteer medical squad.”

“I help out as a driver for people needing rides to medical appointments, [volunteer] in the office at the reception desk, and I am a part of the Emergency Operations Center.”

“The Red Cross has allowed me to share myself and my family with others and in return, I have gotten so much more out of life. For this enriching experience I will always be grateful."

“There are two things that have made my volunteer experience with the Red Cross special. The first is that I very much enjoy the feeling of knowing that I have helped people. The second is the quality of the staff and the other volunteers that I have worked with. They are a very dedicated group of people and they are so kind to each other. In addition they make sure that I know that I am appreciated.”

“Getting along with everyone, falling into place, and transforming my volunteer [service] here into a memorable time.”

“My son was burned out in 1996- The Red Cross was there to provide shelter and cash card for food and clothing. It was then that I wanted to be a part of that – 10 years later when my life opened up I fulfilled my dream and continue to serve [today].”

“My experience has truly been one of great growth and happiness.”

“The positive, 'can-do' and naturally collaborative spirit of staff and volunteers.”

“The recognition and appreciation of the staff for my efforts and dedication. When I leave for the day, I know I’ve made a difference”