Restoring Family Links

Watch this video of how the Red Cross helped one New Yorker reunite with her family in Liberia after 14 years of no contact.

If you are seeking a family member in Ecuador after the Earthquake, please click here.

The American Red Cross Greater New York Region, in partnership with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, offers worldwide tracing services for family members whose lines of communication have been broken as a result of armed conflict, natural disaster or vulnerabilities such as age or ill health. For the displaced, these services provide hope and a way to restore contact with loved ones. Please read more about our services below.

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For more information and to read how we are helping unite families, please visit the Restoring Family Links Blog

Restoring Family Links Services

Tracing Inquiries

Tracing Inquiries are used to locate family members separated by armed conflict, natural disaster or other humanitarian emergencies. Additionally, tracing inquiries can clarify or document the fate of relatives missing due to armed conflict (includes Holocaust and WWII tracing services).

Red Cross Messages

Red Cross Messages (RCMs) are personal and confidential written communications sent between family members separated by conflict or disaster. RCMs are used when the sender knows the location of his or her family member but has no other means of communication.

International Disaster Welfare Inquiries

International Disaster Welfare Inquiries are made to assist family members who have lost communication after the occurrence of a major natural disaster such as an earthquake or typhoon.

Health and Welfare Inquires

Health and Welfare Inquires are non-conflict related inquiries designed to trace particularly vulnerable clients, including the elderly, ill or handicapped who have suddenly lost communication with close family members.

Holocaust and War Victims Tracing Service

The American Red Cross Holocaust and War Victims Tracing Service assists persons seeking to learn the fate of loved ones missing since the Holocaust and its aftermath. This free, confidential service uses the combined resources from a worldwide network of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, including the Magen David Adom National Society and numerous museums, archives and organizations.