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Ready Dakota

The American Red Cross helps individuals prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.
Throughout North Dakota and Western Minnesota, the American Red Cross delivers disaster services that include meeting basic emergency needs for shelter, food, clothing, and medical items for people forced by disasters to leave their homes.

Helping people during their time of need is certainly important. But preventing, preparing for and helping to build community resiliency in times of emergency are also vital components of the Red Cross mission. The Red Cross helps communities prepare by providing training and education programs in health and safety, and by creating awareness about the need for fire safety, safety in uncertain weather conditions, and how families and individuals can best prepare for emergencies with various emergency kits. Ready Dakota aims to educate our communities on a variety of preparedness and resiliency topics so citizens are adequately prepared for unexpected disasters.

For more information regarding or to schedule preparedness or resiliency training for your organization, contact Sean Coffman at (701) 364-1800.