Volunteer Opportunities

Central and Western Oklahoma Red Cross volunteers

Where do you fit with the Red Cross?

We suggest that you do the self-assessment below. This will help you decide where you fit as a volunteer with the American Red Cross. We believe that a comprehensive knowledge of our services enhances one's dedication and commitment to the organization.

Volunteer Assessment Questions:

Often people with good intentions are just too busy to volunteer. Too often individuals will have great intentions but are unable to follow through with their commitment. Many volunteer opportunities call for several hours of consistent time during daytime hours.

The American Red Cross is seeking volunteers who are responsible and reliable. We rely on volunteers to meet the needs of our clients and customers as well as fulfill administrative gaps for the organization. We count on volunteers to fulfill their promises and complete their job assignments. Without reliable volunteers, disaster victims would not receive immediate assistance and lifesaving classes would be cancelled.

Many Red Cross opportunities require that you take classes before beginning volunteering. This training often requires travel to different areas. Some jobs will require the completion of multiple courses before you can begin volunteering.

Volunteering for the American Red Cross involves working with people of different ages, socio-economic, cultural, racial, ethnic, religious and educational backgrounds. One of the Fundamental Principals of the American Red Cross/Red Crescent Society is neutrality.

Typically, the individuals who have been and continue to be successful American Red Cross volunteers possess certain skills/characteristics.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Thanks for taking the time to complete this assessment! Below is a list of current volunteer opportunities that may interest you
  • Administrative Services
  • Disaster Services
  • Financial Development
  • Service to Armed Forces