Local Services

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Emergency Services

Around the clock, every day of the year, our chapter stands ready to respond to emergencies. At every disaster, a volunteer or staff member assesses the victims' needs and provides food, clothing, and shelter and other services to help families take the first steps to recovery.

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Get Prepared

The Red Cross offers vital programs to give our community the tools that it needs to get and stay prepared. Being prepared is key before, during and after a disaster strikes. See the many programs we offer you to help you get prepared.

Become a Red Cross youth volunteer!

Youth Services

Red Cross skills training and volunteer opportunities aren’t just for adults. We welcome the involvement of children and young people in our age-appropriate, engaging and free-of-cost programs.

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Red Cross House

A unique program of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter, Red Cross House provides temporary, emergency shelter and support to victims of natural disaster in our region, helping them to rebuild their lives while keeping their families together.

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Service to the Armed Forces

The American Red Cross offers 24/7 emergency communications, counseling, financial assistance, and other services to members of the Armed Forces, veterans and military families.

Call (877) 272-7337 if you are a Service member or a family of a Service member in need of emergency communications or emergency financial assistance.

For referrals to military and veteran services in Southeastern Pennsylvania, contact (215) 299-4000, 24 hours a day, email us, or visit our partner website phillyveterans.wordpress.com/.