Red Cross Clubs

  • two youth learn first aid at philadelphia red cross after school program

Red Cross Clubs provide after-school opportunities that empower students with life-saving skills and knowledge, enabling them to educate their peers and experience contributing to their schools and communities.

Youth volunteers are actively involved in every line of Red Cross service; they serve on disaster action teams, teach health and safety courses, hold leadership positions on local boards, donate blood and recruit other donors, raise funds in their local community, volunteer at veteran’s hospitals, teach community preparedness, and support international initiatives. Red Cross Clubs allow someone to connect with peers from across the country and around the world as you serve under the symbol of the largest international humanitarian organization in the world. Volunteering with the Red Cross, allows the unique opportunity to act locally while simultaneously being a part of a global movement.

With support from Red Cross staff and Teacher Sponsors, members are encouraged to develop and share their knowledge and skills with peers, other youth, family, and community members through a variety of service learning activities, service projects, and other events during the school year and summer.

The Red Cross Clubs also assist youth with developing negotiation skills, meeting service-learning requirements, increasing awareness of post-secondary education options, and exploring career opportunities.

To set up a Red Cross Club at your school or for more information about Red Cross Clubs in your area please call 1-800-422-7677 and check out the following link: