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A Story About Floretta Moore

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Red Cross Helps Lawrenceville Woman Get Back On Her Feet After Devastating Fire

On May 27, 2012, Floretta Moore was spending a quiet Sunday morning with her family when she suddenly heard the smoke alarms ringing from her bedroom upstairs.

Realizing her young grandson was in the bedroom playing videogames, she quickly rushed upstairs. She told the rest of her family members to get out of the house immediately. In that instant, Floretta remembers thinking only one thing,

“I have to make sure my family is okay. That is the most important thing.”

When Floretta reached the bedroom, she could barely make out her grandson amidst the smoke and flames. She managed to grab her grandson, and as they were running back downstairs and out the front door, Floretta heard the sound of her bedroom windows shattering, realizing that they had escaped just in time.

Having accounted for all of her family members, Floretta stood in shock as she watched the fire spread throughout her house. The fire department quickly arrived to extinguish the fire, but the combination of fire, smoke and water damage had left Floretta’s house and all of her belongings completely destroyed,

“You know you hear this happening to other people, but you never think it could be you,” said Floretta. “It was terrible. It was the most horrific feeling.”

The fire department put in a call to the local Red Cross, who arrived at the fire scene soon after. Bob Glenn and Bobbi Seibert, two members of the Disaster Action Team (DAT) of the local Red Cross, provided Floretta and her family with food, clothing and words of comfort. They took Floretta and her family to a hotel for a few days and immediately put her in contact with the necessary services to help Floretta rebuild her life.

Floretta describes the arrival of the American Red Cross volunteers as “a blessing,”

“After the fire, I didn’t know which way I was coming or going or what to do next. The Red Cross volunteers assured me that everything was going to be okay and that life would get better. They pointed me in so many good directions and gave me the help that I needed.”

Looking back some five months after the fire, Floretta realizes just how fortunate she was to have the Red Cross helping her,

“The Red Cross made this transition so much easier than it would have been. They showed me what to do and who to contact, and I really appreciate all that they did for me. I would absolutely refer anyone who was in need to the Red Cross.”

The local Red Cross responds daily to emergencies by providing victims with the resources for both short and long-term recovery, from food, clothing and temporary shelter to referrals to other service providers.