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Volunteer Spotlight:

Caitlin Weinstein

volunteer pittsburgh

This month, the volunteer spotlight shines on Caitlin Weinstein, a former intern and current volunteer for the American Red Cross Western Pennsylvania Region.

Volunteer Position: Volunteer Management Intern and Emergency Services Volunteer

Vocation: Senior studying General Management and Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh

Hometown: Fredericksburg, Va.

Hobbies: Swimming, running and scrapbooking

Favorite thing about Fall: The weather!

Favorite Halloween Candy: Kit-Kat bars

Halloween Tradition: Dressing up and celebrating with friends

So why does the spotlight shine on Caitlin Weinstein this month?

This past summer, Caitlin Weinstein, a senior at the University of Pittsburgh, began at the American Red Cross as a Volunteer Management Intern. With a concentration in human resources at Pitt, Caitlin hoped that her internship with the Red Cross would provide her with practical experience within the different areas of human resources, especially recruitment. Caitlin would come to find that this internship would be truly one-of-a-kind.

Caitlin assumed a variety of new and exciting responsibilities within the Emergency Services Department at the Red Cross Western Pennsylvania Region’s headquarters in downtown Pittsburgh . She took part in every step of the volunteer recruitment process—from recruiting new volunteers through volunteer drives and information sessions, to holding group interviews for volunteers, to matching volunteers’ interests with available opportunities, to hosting an orientation for new volunteers.

Caitlin even had the opportunity to lead a new project, which involved assisting new volunteers without a specified role in the DSHR system in finding suitable volunteer positions and suggesting training classes for those positions.

“Coming into this internship, I really didn’t know what to expect, especially since I knew very little about all of the work the Red Cross does,” said Caitlin. “This internship enabled me to learn so much about the Red Cross as a whole as well as the recruitment process. I came away from this experience with a strong interest in working with volunteers and a sense of pride in working with such a meaningful organization as the Red Cross.”

Although her work focused mostly in volunteer management, Caitlin’s favorite part of her internship was going out on her first fire call with the local disaster response team.

“While I found my day-to-day work to be really interesting, my favorite experience with the Red Cross has to be the time that I went out on a fire call,” said Caitlin. “Seeing the victims’ faces and hearing their thank-yous—it was such a moving experience. Having the opportunity to see the direct impact of the Red Cross on the community made my work in the office even more rewarding.”

Though Caitlin’s internship ended in July, her involvement with the Red Cross did not. Caitlin continues to volunteer in the Emergency Services Department as a recruitment interviewer each month, and she hopes to eventually join the Disaster Action Team with the Red Cross after she graduates.

Caitlin made the most of her internship opportunity and came away with a breadth of knowledge and experience. Her hard work and continued dedication to the Red Cross have earned her the Volunteer Spotlight for October.