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Did you know -

That 58% of homes in South Carolina are unprotected by smoke alarms?
The key to saving lives and reducing injuries due to home fires is work-ing together to educate families, install smoke alarms, and raise awareness of the importance of everyday fire prevention. We want to help you help your community be safer from home fires. As your partner, we’ll provide the smoke alarms, training, and all the education materials that you need to reach those most at risk for dying in a home fire.


Request a Smoke Alarm Install Blitz

Know of a neighborhood that is in need of smoke alarms? The American Red Cross will bring a maximum of 600 smoke alarms to "blitz" a neighborhood in partnership with your organization. Blitzes generally take place on a Saturday and last for no longer than 6 hours. Click the link to fill out our form and one of our team members will be in touch to schedule your blitz.

Red Cross offers training for companies

Train Your Team

Working together, we can help families in South Carolina be safer from home fires. To prepare for your blitz, we ask that you and your team review the training materials prior to the event. To help get your team excited, find a fun way to do it. Watch videos over lunch. Turn it into a quiz show game.

Preparedness Education

Educational Materials

Here you will find educational and other materials that you can use when installing smoke alarms.


Report an Install

Thank you for helping families in your community protect themselves from home fires! To report an install, please complete the data collection form and submit.


Report an Assessment

Thank you for helping families in your community protect themselves from home fires by completing a smoke alarm inspection! To report an inspection, please download the inspection form and submit it to HFPC coordinator.