The North Texas Digital Operations Center

  • Red Cross Dallas Fort Worth DigiDOC

The Digital Operations Center (DigiDOC), powered by Dell, is a social media command center based in the Dallas Area Chapter that allows the Red Cross to monitor social conversations before and during disasters to help anticipate disaster needs and connect more people with resources during an emergency. The American Red Cross in Dallas is the first location to receive this innovative technology outside of our national headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Like the original DigiDOC, the North Texas DigiDOC runs on the Radian6 platform and is powered and funded entirely by our generous partners at Dell.

Digitizing the Power of Volunteers

Like the rest of our operations, the effectiveness of the North Texas DigiDOC is dependent on the dedication of our volunteers. Digital volunteers are socially savvy communicators, trained to engage in the social space with people affected by disasters. They work both in the DigiDOC and remotely.

Learn more about Red Cross Digital Volunteers

If you have a passion for social media and want to make a difference with your online presence, become a Red Cross digital volunteer! Here’s more about the process of becoming a digital volunteer:

Apply to be an official American Red Cross Volunteer. This process includes a background check and orientation.

During the application process, indicate your interest in becoming a digital volunteer and provide some background on your experience with social media.

Meet with a member of the North Texas communications team to learn about what it means to be a digital volunteer and how you can contribute to the team.

Next, you’ll be invited to take social engagement training so you’ll be prepared to serve and you’ll know exactly how to use the tools.

You’re in! You will work with the communications team on assignments during both non-disaster and disaster times.