Be Prepared

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How to Get Prepared

Emergencies are more common than you may think. But it’s also easy for families and individuals to be prepared by taking three simple actions:

Prepare for Disasters and Emergencies Now!

Disasters create a wide range of emergency needs, more than any one organization can meet. It takes a large network of people and systems to ensure that communities and individuals get all the help they need during and after a disaster. The American Red Cross is one member of the local, state and federal disaster response community and during a disaster the Red Cross provides shelter, food, emotional support, health services, clean-up supplies and comfort items.

While we can’t meet every need, we can work with our partners to ensure we do our part to keep people safe and comfortable during trying times. In a prepared community, the Red Cross has trained personnel and volunteers and equipment ready to respond immediately to a disaster whenever and wherever an emergency may occur.

The American Red Cross Utah Region serves more than 2.8 million people in 29 counties, covering more than 90,000 square miles. Each year, our region responds to about 150 local disasters which include fires, floods, and hazardous material spills. Each year, we typically assist more than 200 Utah families and more than 1500 individuals in Utah affected by these disasters.