Restoring Family Links

The chaos and confusion of war, disaster and migration can separate families when they need each other most. When this happens, the Red Cross joins the search across international borders, offering a unique service that Reconnects Families.

Understanding that the pain of separation is enormous when you do not know if your loved ones are alive or suffering, the American Red Cross can help, from delivering a simple message like “I am alive” to facilitating the incredible Reunions of Holocaust Survivors.

The American Red Cross Restoring Family Links services have brought comfort to thousands of families.

American Red Cross caseworkers help families locate missing relatives by working with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Red Cross and Red Crescent organizations in nearly every country around the world.

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To contact a caseworker in Wyoming please call (303) 607-4785 or email Tim Bothe at or Submit an Inquiry.