Licensed Training Providers

Thank you for your interest in being part of our mission of emergency prevention and preparedness. We are looking for great instructors and/or training businesses to join our team. Become a Red Cross Licensed Training Provider and be part of the nation’s premier health and safety training organization.

Licensed Training Provider Program Overview

The purpose of our Licensed Training Provider (LTP) Program is to identify and support individuals or groups who want to start an independent training business. This program is also designed for those who are currently operating under an authorized provider agreement but provide training as an independent training business.  In order to ensure the program’s success, we are requiring all Licensed Training Providers candidates to complete a detailed business plan which demonstrates intent to successfully operate and manage a training business.  The additional program acceptance parameters are listed below in the LTP definition. All of these criteria must be met. They are essential to ensure a strong and successful new program which focuses on identifying and supporting business-minded individuals or organizations who want to help the Red Cross achieve our mission.


Licensed Training Provider (LTP) – A company or individual that is an independent business, offering training courses to outside companies, organizations or individuals. A self employed individual or group of individuals who train externally. Their revenue stream is driven by providing American Red Cross instructional programs in accordance with the standards and objectives of the program(s) they teach. An LTP may conduct training courses only in the specified geographic region and may be limited to product lines indicated in the agreement.


The Licensed Training Provider will:

  • Provide responsive, accessible and high-quality health and safety services, education and training in a professional manner
  • Sustain and expand the mission of the Red Cross by helping people lead safer and healthier lives
  • Indentify their instructors on the LTP agreement and require they teach courses only for the LTP
Approval Criteria and Application Process
  • LTP candidate currently is, or must become a registered LLC or Incorporated business.
  • Agree to work within an assigned geographical area as determined by LTP candidate and Red Cross Health and Safety Staff.
  • No past history of delinquent or slow payment to the Red Cross under other/existing contractual relationships and no quality control issues by the instructors listed on the agreement.
  • Adhere to the use of the Red Cross logo.
  • Agree to an initial background check and quality control observation of classes.
  • Complete online business plan which includes, but not limited to, identification of target audiences/markets with potential training volume; training schedule and frequency to reach 100 people or 10 classes per year; detailed marketing plan; business accounting and financial planning.

***Please note: The American Red Cross and its Licensed Training Providers cannot provide training outside of the United States and its territories. Please contact the Red Cross or Red Crescent society in the respective country regarding all international training requests.

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