• CPR for Healthcare Providers

    Provide the care your patients need, when they need it. It's what you do every day. But just as protocols for drug interventions change – so do methods for non-invasive treatments, like CPR. As part of our commitment to support safer communities, and support you in all that you do, we offer CPR for healthcare providers.

    Through these courses we're able to keep you up to date on the latest techniques, so you can maintain certifications and deliver the best possible care to your patients. Classes and information currently available to healthcare providers include:

    • CPR (one- and two-rescuer)
    • AED
    • Primary Assessment
    • Ventilations (including BVM)
    • Choking (conscious and unconscious)

    Easy Enrollment

    For healthcare providers, CPR and other instruction can be obtained through in-person classes, and blended Simulation Training, which offers you the opportunity to learn online and complete your hands-on training in a classroom setting. To enroll, simply find a class in your area and complete our online registration form.

    Between Certifications:

    Although you work in the healthcare field, you may not use every skill you've learned on a regular basis. Unfortunately, many life-saving skills can easily be forgotten when they're not practiced or used. In fact, the American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council found that CPR skill retention declines within a few months of initial training – and continues to decline as time goes by. To help mitigate skill loss, we offer refresher activities, that allow you to practice your CPR skills between certifications. These activities can be accessed at any time, but for optimal retention we recommend using our refresher materials at least every three months.

    Red Cross certification of completion on a tablet

    Certification Made Simple. Fast. Easy. Digital.

    The American Red Cross makes CPR certification fast, simple and easy. And with Red Cross Digital Certificates you'll get anytime, anywhere access to your certificates; plus the ability to print, share, and download them wherever and whenever you like. Digital certificates can be viewed, printed or shared online and can be accessed anytime through your Red Cross Account. Each certificate includes a unique ID and a QR code which meets employment requirements and allows employers to easily confirm your certificate is valid. Class participants and employers can visit redcross.org/confirm and enter the ID found on the digital certificate (or scan the QR code with a standard QR reader using a smart device) to access a copy of the valid certificate with student training information.

    Click here for instructions on accessing your CPR certification.