• BLS Steps

    Although you never hope that an emergency arises, as a BLS provider, it's your job to be prepared to respond quickly, and appropriately. In order to do so, there are certain BLS steps that you'll need to perform every time, and some steps that you'll only have to perform on an as-needed basis.

    Here, we'll outline some high-level steps that apply to most scenarios, and provide you with BLS reference materials that you can use to examine the steps required during specific situations.

    Assess, Recognize and Care

    The Assess, Recognize and Care concept is a systematic, continuous approach for rapid assessment, accurate recognition and immediate care in emergency situations. An acutely ill patient’s condition can change rapidly, and deterioration can follow; therefore, frequent assessment, recognition and care are critical.

    The Assess, Recognize and Care concept begins with a rapid assessment, which includes:

    • Performing a visual survey to assess for safety, formulate an initial impression of the patient and determine the need for additional resources
    • Checking responsiveness
    • Opening the airway and simultaneously checking for breathing and a pulse if the patient is unresponsive.

    After you complete your rapid assessment, provide care based on the conditions found.

    Be Prepared

    To learn more about the specific classes that are part of our BLS program, visit the BLS/CPR page. Or, for a deeper dive into what BLS is, you can purchase and review our Basic Life Support Participant's Manual from the Red Cross Store.