Rooms for Troops

  • Rooms for Troops

When emergencies occur, the Red Cross is there to help military families by easing some of the financial and logistical challenges that come with crises. In particular, Red Cross workers in Wyoming help ensure that service members or their loved ones have a safe place to stay when forced to travel due to an emergency. For example, if a local member of the military is hospitalized, we can help put his or her visiting family in a hotel for a short-term duration; we have also worked with families who have had to travel to Wyoming to provide care for an ill or recovering service member.

Red Cross assistance through this program is obtained through a request from an authorized referring agency such as National Guard Family Programs, VA medical centers or the direct military commander or warrior advocate of the service member.

If you would like to refer a service member or his/her family for this program, please fill out the Hotel Request Form and e-mail it to Tim Bothe.