Convene Partners

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A robust, coordinated, mobilized network of partners from the independent, government and private sector makes all the difference in the ability of a community and its residents to recover from a major disaster. The American Red Cross, whose services span the entire disaster cycle can be a facilitative leader throughout all phases of disaster: preparedness, response and recovery. The Red Cross will Prepare Florida by joining with community, non-profit, business and government partners to convene discussions of how we will prepare communities statewide for the many disasters that could affect Floridians. Our focus will be on the needs and expectations of clients, communities and stakeholders.

Supporting Prepare Florida allows the Red Cross to:


Build on pre-existing networks and structures including:

  • VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster),
  • COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disaster),
  • Community Resiliency Collaboratives
  • Long Term Recovery Groups
  • Local Emergency Planning Committees,
  • International, National, State and Local Red Cross partnerships and MOUs (Memorandums of Understanding)
  • And when necessary, build new networks and structures to enhance collaboration and resilience.

    Ensure inclusion of participants that represent Florida’s diverse communities composition. The Red Cross will strive to add members to existing structures to ensure the community is represented.

    Identify issues, possible solutions, inclusion and contribution so as to support partners and ensure collaboration both through structured relationships and informal interactions, ultimately building community capacity in preparedness, response and recovery.

    Participate in and conduct Disaster Exercises with partners, emphasizing the benefits of collaboration and understanding the impact on capacity building. Realistic field exercises that simulate actual disasters will build a sense of shared purpose among stakeholders and allow partners to become familiar with each other’s procedures, protocols, and capabilities. Through this experience, we will establish the confidence and mutual trust that fosters effective and well-coordinated disaster response and builds the community confidence needed to recover.

    If you are interested in being a partner with Red Cross, please contact Cesar Rivera at