Feed More People

  • Red Cross volunteer serves hot meals

During times of disaster, no matter where victims are – from shelters to their own homes without electricity – the Red Cross is there providing necessary meals, snacks and water. During major events, the Red Cross works with partners to help provide, prepare, and deliver food to disaster survivors. The Red Cross is committed to developing agreements and partnerships in order to provide up to 500,000 meals per day in Florida during a major disaster event.

The strategic feeding plan of the American Red Cross in Florida includes identifying food sources for 500,000 meals a day, for 3-5 days. This goal is critical to the survival of community residents and visitors throughout Florida after a major disaster event. In order to feed hundreds of thousands of people after a disaster the American Red Cross must:

Establish agreements with national and statewide vendors to support the largest shelters and mobile feeding requirements.

Locate local restaurants and caterers to help us meet the needs of the local communities during and after a major or catastrophic incident.

Furnish food and beverages for distribution via our mobile feeding units.

Provide food and hydration for emergency workers and residents involved in disasters in both rural and urban communities.

Pre-identify food suppliers, restaurants and caterers in every part of the state to meet these feeding needs.

Develop the plans to feed disaster survivors, community by community statewide.

Work with partners in the government, private and independent sectors to ensure no one goes hungry after a disaster.

Develop plans to feed people with special dietary needs, create menus for our many diverse populations throughout Florida, have baby formula and nutritious food for children is available, and ensure that we have the capacity to feed our most vulnerable populations.

The ability to feed people after a disaster does not happen overnight. It takes careful planning and preparedness efforts by trained disaster leadership to make sure no one goes hungry – whether in a shelter or living in communities devastated by a disaster event. Prepare Florida includes supporting the commitment made by the American Red Cross to feed people in disaster emergencies: mass feeding immediately after an event (and before when people evacuate to shelters prior to a tropical event), and then working with families to make sure food is available to them on the road to recovery.

If you are interested in partnering with the Red Cross to build feeding capacity statewide, please contact Becky McCorry at Becky.McCorry@redcross.org.