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Medical emergencies happen every day, in any setting, and often very quickly. There may not be time to consider what to do, only time to react. People may be injured in falls or car accidents, or may develop sudden illnesses, such as heart attack or stroke—the statistics are sobering. Training dramatically improves the response to, and the outcome of these everyday emergencies. And because most cardiac events happen at home, a simple course might help you to save the life of someone you love.

Last year in Florida, the American Red Cross trained 98,000 people in lifesaving skills such as CPR, first aid, AED, swimming and babysitting. A major goal of the Prepare Florida campaign is to increase that number to 500,000 over the next three years. This goal is critical to getting the people of Florida prepared to respond to emergencies and make a difference in someone’s life.

How are we teaching 500,000 in Florida? We are currently reaching out to all of our Authorized Providers and Licensed Training Providers to help us teach their audiences Citizen CPR and connect with their instructors to volunteer their time to teach Citizen CPR at local and state wide events. With the communities help we hope to teach as many people over the next 3 years striving for our goal.

Would you like to get involved, know of a great opportunity for the Red Cross to teach Citizen CPR at or do you have a group that wants to learn Citizen CPR? To get involved and become a volunteer, click here

If you know of an opportunity or have a request for Citizen CPR Training, click the link below to send a request. Please have a few days and times listed for a requested training, number of people to be trained, and contact information with the best time to be reached stated in your e-mail. Together we can help PREPARE the residents and visitors in the state of FLORIDA for emergencies and disasters.

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Citizen CPR

Adults who suddenly collapse and are not responsive are likely to have sudden cardiac arrest. The chance of survival is nearly zero unless someone takes immediate action.

When faced with an emergency, many feel hesitant to help. Whether it’s a fear of doing something wrong or making things worse, failure to act can lead to unnecessary deaths. Less than eight percent of people who suffer cardiac arrest outside of the hospital survive. Citizen CPR may double, or even triple, their chance of survival.

Everyone should take the time to learn Citizen CPR. However, if you are a workplace responder, live or play around water or have a residential pool/hot tub, have children or work with children, you should take advantage of a Red Cross training course. Anyone can learn CPR—and everyone should!

To perform Citizen CPR (hands-only):

• Call 911 (or tell someone to call)

• Begin chest compressions by pushing hard and fast in the center of the chest with minimal interruptions.

Remember, any attempt to perform CPR is better than not providing help at all.

To sign up for a class in your area, click here.