2013 Awards

Jean Currey

Jean Currey, Randi Knappenberger Exceptional Volunteer of the Year Award

Jean Currey brings versatility to the American Red Cross Greater Phoenix Chapter, making invaluable contributions in disaster services and Service to the Armed Forces. She’s well-versed in local resources that are available to victims of disasters, and she has a can-do attitude, never afraid to help. She’s punctual, and she stays until her job is complete.

From July 2012 to April 2013, Currey worked about 400 of the 1,400 Service to the Armed Forces cases that were handled by the Greater Phoenix Chapter. She was twice deployed for client casework duties in response to Hurricane Sandy, in 2012 and 2013, and she regularly assists with client casework on days in which she’s not assigned.

Roxey Bowers

Roxey Bowers, Clara Barton Volunteer Leadership Award

Roxey Bowers was the leader of the Payson Disaster Action Team, instrumental in helping the American Red Cross Greater Phoenix Chapter respond to everything from home fires to wildfires to floods to blizzards. His leadership and organizational skills have brought structure, and he remains active in recruiting volunteers to the Red Cross.

Bowers has established a strong relationship between the Greater Phoenix Chapter and the Payson Fire Department, and he has implemented Red Cross policy among Payson DAT volunteers. He participates in shelter survey operations, and he maintains Red Cross storage units. He also keeps contact lists updated, and he organizes monthly meetings.

Joe Lowery

Joe Lowery, Bill Bombeck Disaster Volunteer of the Year Award

Joe Lowery is the leader of the Bullhead City Disaster Action Team, providing consistency in enabling the American Red Cross Greater Phoenix Chapter to fulfill its mission in Mohave County. He once was the county’s only Red Cross DAT volunteer, and he takes around-the-clock calls four or five nights a week as chapter duty supervisor.

In addition to coordinating Red Cross volunteers, Lowery is Mohave County’s representative for the state group of Community Organizations Active in Disaster, and he’s on the Bullhead City Community Emergency Response Team. He’s a role model. He’s willing to contribute in multiple ways. And he’s always there when there’s a need.

Phil Mele

Phil Mele, Rookie of the Year Award

Phil Mele is the leader of an East Valley Disaster Action Team, rising to every challenge that comes his way to further the mission of the American Red Cross Greater Phoenix Chapter. He’s also a trusted member of the Greater Phoenix Chapter’s public affairs team, and he has proven his reliability while manning fire line and in assuming on-call duties.

Putting the knowledge he developed as a firefighter in Yuma to good use, Mele acts as an example to others. He’s striving to learn, and he’s a regular participant in Greater Phoenix Chapter drills and meetings. His unmatched leadership, his positive attitude and his strong communications skills make him everything you want in a Red Cross volunteer.

Cindy Le

Cindy Le, Youth Volunteer Award

Cindy Le is the president of the American Red Cross club at Hamilton High School in Chandler, supporting more than a dozen local organizations. She assists newly arriving refugees. She raises money to vaccinate children. She runs youth retreats. She partakes in food drives and recycling programs. She makes placemats for the elderly. She writes to service members. And she reads to children about fire prevention and water safety.

Under Le’s guidance, the Red Cross club at Hamilton has grown to include more than 150 members. Her ability to delegate responsibilities creates a welcoming environment for club members, and she inspires others with her excellent leadership skills, her contagious spirit and her creative approach toward solving problems. She’s willing to go the extra mile to help, displaying an unwavering passion and an undeniable humility.

Janet Boberg

Dr. Janet Boberg, Disaster Preparedness Award

Dr. Janet Boberg is the Community Services Division Manager for the Glendale Fire Department, working tirelessly to provide community education programs for Glendale residents. Since the economic downturn, Boberg has inherited increased responsibilities within the department, albeit with fewer staff members and less resources, however, she’s dedicated to ensuring that Glendale residents possess the knowhow to prevent home fires.

Once a member of the Phoenix Fire Department and a former police officer, Boberg serves as the Community Emergency Response Team volunteer coordinator, tasked with assembling a group that’s deployable after disasters in Glendale. She has arranged training for CERT members in the use of advanced fire extinguishers, as well as advanced fire department operations, pet CPR and companion animal decontamination.

Frank Bourget and Gene Munger

Frank Bourget and Gene Munger, Partnership Award

Frank Bourget and Gene Munger have played integral roles in the success of the American Red Cross Greater Phoenix Chapter’s Northern Arizona Steering Committee, which heightens awareness, generates support and introduces the Red Cross to the people of Flagstaff. Bourget is the staff liaison for the NASC, working with Munger, who helped form the NASC in 2010 and has since doubled the size of the committee to six members.

Bourget and Munger have organized the Flagstaff Community Leaders Breakfast the past two years. The most recent event, in March 2013, was attended by 75 people, ranging from bankers to healthcare professionals to the mayor of Flagstaff. With plane crash survivor Dave Sanderson as the keynote speaker, the breakfast spotlighted the services that the Red Cross provides in Flagstaff and produced resources for the community.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University, Good Neighbor Award

The American Red Cross Greater Phoenix Chapter, in collaboration with the Arizona State University Center for Law and Global Affairs, hosted its second annual international humanitarian law workshop in September 2012 at ASU. Fifty law students attended the two-day seminar, including 35 from Arizona and 15 from four other states, making it the country’s largest IHL workshop. The gathering also featured three international presenters, two of whom were with the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The Red Cross is mandated to promote an understanding of IHL in peacetime and to follow IHL during times of war. ASU provided its facilities, faculty, staff, alumni and students, while the Greater Phoenix Chapter offered its resources, with each partner striving toward a common goal. Less than 10 Red Cross chapters are holding IHL workshops on college campuses, so the Greater Phoenix Chapter is developing instructions and presentation templates on how to create an IHL workshop for use by other chapters.