Corporate Microsites

Activating Your Microsite

When your company wants to conduct an employee giving and matching gift campaign, the Red Cross has an online donation platform option to make your campaign a success. A Red Cross customizable online donation site (or a microsite) allows your employees or customers to support the lifesaving mission of the Red Cross in your community, across the country and around the world. These sites are suggested for companies with approximately 2,000 or more US based employees and multiple locations. If your company has fewer than 2,000 US based employees, we have other online donations options.

6 Easy Steps to Setup Your Customized Online Donation Site

1. Explore Our Demo-site
Go to:

2. Complete the Online Agreement*
Go to:

3. Share Your Information with Us
Please provide the following information to your Red Cross contact
  • Company name as it should appear on the site
  • Company logo (.jpg or .gif, 180px max either dimension)
  • Discuss the donation options available with your Red Cross contact
  • Text for welcome message (optional)
4. Review Your Site
The Red Cross creates your site and provides you with the URL within 2-3 business days.

5. Promote the Site and Support the Red Cross
Once you have the URL, your site is live and ready to share with employees or visitors to your website.

6. Celebrate Your Success
We can provide reports on the success of your campaign and help you recognize your supporters with a matching gift or custom thank you.

* Employee sites are available to companies with more than 2,000 employees or for public appeals to consumers. If you do not meet these criteria discuss other online giving options with your Red Cross contact. Corporate microsites will only accept donations from US based credit cards with a 3-digit CVV number on the back of the card.

We Make Giving Easy

Easy Acknowledgments
All individuals who donate through your URL will automatically receive an acknowledgement and receipt by email.

Easy Reporting
Our Red Cross contact will provide summary reports on the number and amount of donations made through your site. If you need us to share detailed donor information for matching gift purposes, please answer yes to needing donor information in your online employee agreement.

Easy Matching Gifts
If you are matching employee donations, use the reports sent by your Red Cross contact to determine the amount of the match. Submit your matching gift check with a cover letter that includes your company name, contact information, a note that the donation is a matching contribution, and designation of matching contribution, if needed.

Microsite Best Practices

5 Steps for a Successful Online Giving Campaign

    1. Plan Ahead – Setup Your Microsite Before a Disaster Strikes!

  • People are more inclined to donate to disaster relief when the issue is top of mind, in the news, and in their hearts. Plan ahead to be prepared to launch your Red Cross microsite immediately after a disaster.
  • Identify staff that will help you promote the microsite and encourage employees to give.

    2. Demonstrate the Company’s Commitment

  • Organize and leverage the support of your CEO and senior leadership to promote the campaign to their direct reports and across the company.
  • Create a plan to solicit senior leadership and managers to make gifts as you roll out your campaign.
  • Commit to matching your employees donations, this is a huge incentive to give.

    3. Promote the Campaign and Educate Employees

  • Maximize employee support and participation by promoting your campaign. For best results, start promotion as soon as possible and consider how to utilize email, voicemail, the company’s blog and the company intranet to communicate to employees.
  • Demonstrate how employee gifts will impact those affected and provide employees with disaster updates that encourage their participation.
  • Create a company landing page that features a Red Cross on your intranet for employees or on a public site for your consumers.
  • Use additional online resources, including Red Cross logos, photos and donate buttons that link directly to your microsite. You can download web banners here and logos here.

    4. Launch the Campaign

  • Use Creative Ideas to Engage Employees -The most successful disaster relief campaigns have a plan to engage their employees both online and in person. Establish an employee committee to think creatively about how to involve employees in the campaign and engage them in response to a disaster.
  • Energize Support and Maximize Giving -Use incentives or a competition to encourage employee participation. For example, an interdepartmental competition or raffle (e.g. an opportunity to win a day of leave for those employees or teams that raise the most) can be effective incentives to energize employees. Short, energized campaigns tend to work better than one with no end.
  • Identify Community Engagement Opportunities Related to the Disaster Efforts - Often during a time of disaster, employees are motivated to want to donate money and time. The Red Cross can offer a wealth of flexible and effective options for highly engaged employees and their interests. However, we highly encourage opening a direct line of communication with your Red Cross relationship manager or your local Red Cross Chapter to inquire about timely and effective opportunities for employee engagement. During times of

    5. Wrap Up Your Campaign

  • Send Notification to Employees Shortly Before the End of the Campaign.
  • Report Campaign Results & Demonstrate Impact
  • Thank Your Supporters
  • Post-Campaign Assessment
Contact our corporate partnership team for more information.