• Disney - Friends for Change

Disney and the Red Cross work together to prepare kids and families

Disney recognized National Preparedness Month in September by empowering kids and families to prepare for disasters and other emergencies. Disney is building on its long-standing relationship with the American Red Cross and is a proud member of the Annual Disaster Giving Program. This year, Disney provided a $1 million grant to support youth services and youth volunteer engagement programs, as well as disaster services in Los Angeles, CA; New York City, NY; Bristol, CT; New Orleans, LA ; Orlando, FL and Orange County, CA.

Disney and Red Cross are spreading the word about the importance of being ready for emergencies as well as three easy steps everyone can take to prepare: Get a kit. Make a plan. Be informed.

Disney’s Friends for Change – a global initiative that inspires kids and families to take action and make a difference in their communities – developed an interstitial that aired on Disney Channel and the Friends for Change website. The spot, which features Disney Channel star and Friends for Change Ambassador Debby Ryan ("Jessie"), shows kids the easy steps to prepare for the unexpected. The spot also encourages kids to involve their community and friends in the process.

To further teach children how to prepare for disasters, Disney is also supporting the Red Cross Pillowcase Preparedness Program, which is being piloted in the New Orleans and Los Angeles markets. The program aims to ease children’s fears about disasters and emergencies and the evacuations that are often necessary as a result of disaster. Children learn to pack their favorite items from home into a pillowcase for easy transport and parents learn ways to dispel their children’s concerns about evacuations.