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Partnering to Build Ready Neighborhoods

Ready Neighborhoods is an innovative four-year initiative designed to help strengthen emergency resilience in 50 targeted neighborhoods throughout the region. In April 2013, the initiative was awarded with the Federal Emergency Management Agency's 2012 Community Preparedness Award.

This collaborative effort is led by individuals and organizations within each community and supported by the American Red Cross in partnership with Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

Read more about this partnership and our annual Prep Rally to get the whole community excited about being prepared.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Ready Neighborhoods programming will empower community organizations and local residents with the skills and tools they need now—before disaster strikes—to effectively respond to disasters of any kind.

Individual Preparedness

Individuals learn how to safely respond to disasters, can take care of their household needs for a minimum of three days and understand neighborhood resources.

Organizational Readiness

Local businesses, schools and nonprofits are equipped with the skills, plans, networks and supplies necessary to mitigate the effects of and safely respond to all hazards.

Community Disaster Resilience

Communities are pre-trained to open their own shelter sites, support feeding and caring of their neighbors in a culturally appropriate way and assist in the response and recovery efforts.

Sustainable Networks

Disaster response plans are designed in a collaborative way, community members are networked and local residents receive the highest level of support across all agencies.

    Target Neighborhoods

  • Alameda County: Hayward and Oakland (East Oakland and Elmhurst)
  • Contra Costa County: Antioch, Pittsburg/Bay Point and Richmond (Iron Triangle)
  • Marin County: Marin City, San Rafael (Canal), Richardson’s Bay
  • San Francisco County: San Francisco (Bayview, Chinatown and Tenderloin)
  • San Mateo County: East Palo Alto, North Fair Oaks, Redwood City (North East Redwood City ), San Mateo
  • Solano County: Fairfield, Suisun City and Vallejo (North Vallejo)

Ongoing readiness efforts in San Bruno, San Mateo County

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