AmeriCorps - Oakland

Volunteer Spotlight - AmeriCorps - Oakland

Lauren Finke is from Los Angeles, but spent additional time in Seattle where she calls home. Lauren’s first got involved with the Red Cross as an Americorps member in August of 2015. She says that being her experience in Americorps has given her a greater feeling of being connected to the Oakland community. Lauren admires the resilience of people in the community, and sees that the tangible ways she can assist them make a tremendous difference in communities. Something interesting about Lauren is that she has actually moved three times in her Americorps term!

Anna Wieger was born in San Leandro, but grew up on the Aegean coast of Turkey. Anna is the fourth of five siblings. Her sister was on a DAT team in South Carolina while in college, and her experience of helping others encouraged Anna to join the Red Cross. Anna is also an Americorps member, and says she has gotten the chance to meet and get to know so many amazing volunteers who have been the highlight of both years. Anna looks to them as an example to always carry the fundamental humanitarian principles of the Red Cross with her.

Both Lauren and Anna are finishing up their Americorps terms at the end of June 2016. Thank you Lauren and Anna for your service!