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Finley Davis


Finley Davis was born in Seattle and now lives in Berkeley. In addition to volunteering at the American Red Cross of Bay Area Oakland office, she is also the president of the Red Cross Club at her school, which she started. Finley's first volunteering experience was canvassing a low-income neighborhood to see who would be interested in getting smoke detectors installed, along with a consultation about fire safety.

She was amazed to see different skills and backgrounds that volunteers of all ages brought and how they all came together to make the experience a success. Most recently, Finley and her school club volunteered to sort out more than 1,000 holiday cards for the "Holiday Mail for Heroes" project. After sorting the cards into different themes, they were wrapped and prepared for shipping. Finley said it was nice to read the wonderful letters that people wrote and was also warmed by the fact that people had taken time out of their day to write to complete strangers. Finley enjoyed the experience greatly and said it was a good way to get the club in the holiday spirit.