Ready 365 Giving Program

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When you join the Ready 365 Giving Program, our corporate membership program, your company stands with the American Red Cross of Central Florida as we provide lifesaving services. You are with us as we...
  • Respond to an average of three disasters every day (the majority of which are home fires).
  • Come to the aid of more than 5,000 people in Central Florida each year that are affected by devastating disasters.
  • Help and support an average of 10,000 local members of the military, veterans and their families each year.
  • Teach more than 50,000 Floridians life-saving skills each year including first aid and CPR.
As a Ready 365 Giving Program member, you will join a select group of businesses and organizations that value the local impact and global reach of the Red Cross, and are ready to help save lives every day of the year. The program offers a package that is right for your company. Each level provides visible recognition through high-traffic communications channels and each spotlights your gift in front of other Red Cross supporters.

To learn more about the Ready 365 Giving Program, including all of the benefits your company may receive, please contact your Regional Development Officer: email Kathie Wild or phone 813-868-7667.