Piper the Puppy

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Tonight, a mother will need a warm shelter to keep her children safe. Tomorrow, a child will yearn for her favorite stuffed animal when she needs somewhere soft for her tears to land.

Every day this story unfolds, and, every day, Red Cross volunteers arrive on that ravaged doorstep to provide comfort, shelter, and hope to each family who faces a level of tragedy most of us could scarcely imagine. Behind those volunteers are the incredible donors who make that family's future bright. Behind those volunteers are the heroes who make everything possible.

Today, you can be that hero. Your $100 donation(s) will allow the Central Florida Region Red Cross volunteers to deliver a Piper the Puppy to the doorstep of a child affected by disaster. Your Piper will comfort that child when they need him most, and your $100 donation will be roughly the cost to feed, clothe, and shelter that child's family. Once in the arms of that child, we will contact you to share how your Piper & your financial donation have helped that family along the way to a better tomorrow. Thank you for being our hero. Please contact Kathie Wild, via email or phone (813) 868-7667.