Host a Fundraiser

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Want to Organize a Fundraiser to Support the Red Cross?

Raising money for the Red Cross is a great way to build teamwork, augment your public relations efforts and make a difference in the community. Review our list of fundraising ideas – or develop your own great ideas – and tailor them to your group’s needs and resources.

The path to launching a third-party event typically begins with an idea and plan of action that is presented to the American Red Cross. Although we actively encourage third-party fundraising events, all such events must be approved by us in advance. This is an important safeguard to preserving the integrity of the American Red Cross name and our commitment to raise the funds necessary to fulfill our mission in a cost-efficient and effective manner. While we are able to provide guidance for your event, we do not have the personnel to handle the organizational and administrative tasks associated with third-party events. Therefore the event sponsor is responsible for all details of the event including:

  • underwriting all of the related costs
  • recruiting volunteers to help out at the event
  • creating flyers to publicize the event
  • working at the actual event.
Just Follow These Simple Steps:

• Do not fill out an interest form until you have decided on the details of your fundraiser, including date, location and a detailed description of your event.

• In order to use the American Red Cross logo, your fundraiser needs to raise a minimum of $500, which will be included in the agreement. If you do not think you will raise $500, you can go ahead with your fundraiser without filling out the form, but you cannot use our logo.


• Fill out our Online Fundraiser Interest Form to indicate that you are interested in planning an online fundraiser.

• After we receive your Fundraiser Interest Form, a Red Cross representative will contact you to help you get your fundraiser started.


• You will receive a Third-Party Fundraising Agreement from the Red Cross. Once this has been approved and signed, we will send you our logo and branding guidelines.

• We do not provide buckets or containers for donation collections; you are responsible for creating your own collection containers.

• Our Red Cross volunteers are focused on providing direct services, such as responding to disasters and teaching preparedness and health and safety trainings, and therefore in most cases we do not have the ability to send a volunteer to staff your event; meanwhile, in order to keep our administration costs down, we generally do not send paid staff to attend third-party fundraisers. Collection of donations is the responsibility of the fundraising event organizer.

• If you wish to request a speaker or representative to attend your event, submit your request at least 21 days in advance here.

• If your donors want a receipt for their donation, they must write a check, or you can request American Red Cross Remittance Envelopes that they can put their donations into.

• The State of Colorado requires a raffling license for any raffles. We will not approve any requests for raffles unless you have proof of the license.

• The Red Cross cannot provide our 501c3 to any outside vendors that are supporting your fundraiser, because their services are benefitting the fundraiser rather than directly benefitting the American Red Cross.


• Mail or deliver all proceeds as one check (or individual checks made out to the American Red Cross, 146 S Cole Rd, Boise ID 83709).

• Please add a note in with the donations stating that this was done through a third-party fundraiser with your name and address. You will then receive an acknowledgement letter in the mail.

For more information about donating to an American Red Cross of Greater Idaho, contact the American Red Cross at (800) 853-2570, or contact Christopher Davis.