Nominations FAQs

Hero Nomination Process

Q: How can I nominate my hero?
A: Nominations can be submitted by filling out an on-line form.

Q: What do I do if my hero qualifies for multiple hero categories?
A: Select the category that your hero qualifies the most. When hero nominations are reviewed they will be placed in the best or multiple categories if qualified.

Q: When will my nominee be notified that they have been nominated?
A: All nominators and nominees will receive a letter, shortly after the close of our nomination process, stating that they have been nominated. Additional information will be sent if your nominee has been selected as one of our Heroes.

Hero Selection Process

Q: How are the heroes selected every year?
A: The Selection Committee is made up of a group of non-biased Red Cross supporters. The committee comes together to discuss and vote on a hero for every category. The committee must come to a unanimous decision in order for the hero to be decided. There will be one winner per category (in the event that more than one individual is nominated for the same heroic act, they will be awarded the Hero Award jointly Hero Commitment

Q: Can my nomination be a surprise for my hero?
A: No, please ensure that your hero would want to be recognized at this event as there is a time commitment once they are chosen
(a video interview and required attendance at the event in March).

For more information on past Heroes, please follow this link. If you have any further questions, please contact