Our History - The Early Years Of The Red Cross on Long Island

1917: The work of the Red Cross on Long Island began in June 22, 1917 when Kate Trubee Davison, a resident of Locust Valley, formed the Nassau County Chapter.

1917: Launch of American Junior Red Cross.

1918: Nassau County Chapter of the American Red Cross receives a new ambulance purchased by Wheatley Hills Golf Club "Miss Marion Krug of Mineola, one of the Red Cross Motor Corps, was the driver and is shown in the picture, about to make the first trial spin. -- Brooklyn Eagle.

1918: Spanish Influenza ravaged New York State with many Red Cross nurses of Long Island as the first line of defense. Nationally by 1919, 204 Red Cross nurses lost their lives combating the illness.

1918: Long Island Red Cross as part of Atlantic Division of American Red Cross offer canteen services for soldiers en route to military service deployment.

1918: First Nassau county chapter office is purchased.

1918: then-Colonel Theodore Roosevelt addresses Long Island community of Garden City to raise funds for first Nassau County Red Cross drive.

1918: Nassau County Red Cross offers to deliver “spy-proof” messages from family to soldiers across enemy lines.

1919: Long Island Junior Red Cross offers mobile dental services as part of health program.

1914 -1918: Production Corps Uniform WWI

1920: Red Cross Headquarters in Mineola offers health services to the community.

1924 - Move to new facility: “The original chapter building was at the southeast corner of Old Country Road and Franklin St. in Mineola. For the next seven years, the chapter occupied the site rent-free. But when the property was sold in 1924, it became necessary to move. Chapter officials went out and purchased the property on the corner of Old Country Road and Fourth St. for $4,000.”

1929: Great Depression- “Throughout the land, soup kitchens, bread lines, and shelters sprang up to meet the needs of the poor. In the larger cities the American Red Cross came to the rescue of the unemployed.”

1930: Hygiene Course offered at Long Island Red Cross to help community combat illness in their home.

1930: Nassau County Red Cross partners with Mineola Theatre to raise money for Nassau County chapter.

1930: The American Red Cross closes library on Ellis Island operating from 1902-1930. The library and school was run by volunteers and nurses from New York City, Upstate New York, and Long Island.

1931: 1931: Red Cross First Aid training course is offered in Long Island.

1933: New York State Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt won the presidential election and proposed the New Deal. Government agencies cared for the out of work and Red Cross Depression efforts ended to allow for response to major disasters.

1933: Water Safety Program begins in Long Island.

1933: First Red Cross flag to be hung on a United States vessel given to Nassau County Chapter.

1937: Dorothy Peabody Davison (Volunteer and Chairman 1937-1992) daughter-in-law of Kate T. Davison, served as volunteer leader at national and local levels during WWII and beyond.

1938: Category-3 hurricane known as the Long Island Express: In an telegram by American Red Cross headquarters on October 6, 1938 “Forty thousand men and women and children (across New York State and New England) are completely dependent on Red Cross for temporary food, shelter, clothing and medical care..”

1939 -1945: Canteen Corps Uniform WWII

1939 -1945: Staff Assistance Corps WWII