Heroes for Fire Survivors Campaign

  • Woman holding baby after house fire

Help A Family Who Has Lost Everything To A Home Fire

Every day, the American Red Cross rushes to help families devastated by disaster. In big cities and small towns, in rural America and right here in our community we provide immediate assistance to survivors and help them through those first, hard days of recovery.

When we arrive, often in the middle of the night, families are standing on curbs, in shock, too stunned to think about where to go or what to do. We comfort them—giving out hugs, blankets, coffee and anything that brings solace—and we begin guiding them through their next steps.

Working with each family, we create a list of immediate needs, which can include everything from shoes to diapers, from food to prescriptions. Then the Red Cross does something truly unique. We give that family a special card—a client assistance card—which is used to purchase life’s essentials.

You can imagine how much this means. When you’ve lost your home, and your family faces a night without beds or days without food, this simple card feels like a lifesaver.

Donate Now

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Hero for Fire Survivors in your local community please contact:

Lowcountry SC - Roberta Freer, 843-480-4233

Eastern SC - Nanci Conley, 843-477-0020.

Committee Members

Lowcountry SC HEROES Committee Members

Chair: Paul Heinauer, Glasspro

Wilson Saleeby, Palmetto Electric Cooperative

Dawn Erickson, PuroClean Disaster Restoration

Will Jenkinson, Carolina One New Homes

Andy Morelli, Morelli Heating & Air

Tony Pope, State Farm

Eastern SC HEROES Committee Members

Chair: Ed Piotrowski 

Mike Arakas

Adam Dillanger

Duane Farmer

Jimmy Feuger

Bill Griste

Freddie Hyatt

Marc Jordan

Susan Koch

Jennifer Lanier

Cindra Marshall

Jeri McDowell

Norma Morillo

Carolyn Murray

Ralph Pandure

Cindy Pannell

Scott Thompson