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By investing $10,000 annually in their local American Red Cross chapters, these women follow in the footsteps of a long line of women leaders who have helped the Red Cross serve the American public in times of war and peace with disaster assistance, blood collection, safety training and countless other community assistance services.

The name Tiffany and the $10,000 amount have historical precedence. The society is named for the beautiful Tiffany windows in the Board of Governors Hall at Red Cross national headquarters in Washington, D.C. These windows, produced by the Tiffany Studios, were commissioned by Red Cross President Mabel Boardman in 1917. As an act of reconciliation and hope, they were paid for with a $5,000 gift from the Women's Relief Corps of the North and $5,000 from the United Daughters of the Confederacy of the South.

The women in these windows personify virtues at work in the Red Cross Movement: hope, mercy, faith, charity, truth and fortitude. Members of the Tiffany Circle provide living examples of these virtues in their local communities, by ensuring the Red Cross has the ability to help people prevent, prepare for and respond to life's emergencies.

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The Tiffany Circle is a powerful example of how women can provide leadership in their communities and around the world. Will you join the members of the Tiffany Circle in supporting your Red Cross chapter?

An annual gift of $10,000 or more will empower families affected by disaster to take control of their lives once again and give them hope for the future.

Your gift also ensures that the Red Cross is able to train volunteers to respond to the next disaster, that military families are able to reach their loved ones in an emergency, and that individuals and families will be trained to save a life during a medical emergency.

The Tiffany Circle is a perfect way to pay tribute to a special woman in your life. Honor her with a gift that saves lives and gives hope – each and every day of the year.

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Upstate SC Chapter
  • Molly McDannald
  • Debra Howard
  • Judy Alexander
  • Keeter Horton
  • Leslie Kimmelman
  • Pat Timmons
  • Susan McCracken
  • Bobbie Jamison
  • Marty Vaughan
  • Sylvia McCall
  • Julie Gallagher
  • Paula Marsh
  • Cindy Jackson
  • Natalie Holden
Lowcountry SC Chapter
  • Anne Surrett
  • Mary R Sudzina
  • Nancy CG Snowden
  • Sandra Fennell
  • Natalia Castillo
  • Sandra Klein
  • Joan Brown
  • Julie Chapman
  • Susan Pearlstine
  • Anita Zucker
  • Chief Karen Brack
  • Louise Kohlheim
  • Louise Welch Williams
  • Paula Heinauer
  • Karen S. Lee
  • Bonnie McAlister
  • Darla Moore
  • Kim Thomason
  • Allison Williamson
  • Barbara Boone
  • Dorothy Schey
  • Ann Mixson
  • Cindy Mixson
  • Mandy Mixson
  • Jennifer Snowden
  • Sophia Snowden
Central SC Chapter
  • Charlotte Berry
  • Cindee Bailey
  • Cheryl Holland
  • Denise Hudson
  • Ann Marie Stieritz
  • Mary Grace Mungo
  • Karen Floyd
  • Katherine Crosthwaite
  • Annette Reagan-Cheeks
  • Pamela Johnston
  • Laurie Waldren
  • Karen L. Wood
  • Juanita Wright
Eastern SC Chapter
  • Tweed Bogache
  • Anne Pearce-Burroughs
  • Stephanie Hatley

*Bonnie McElveen-Hunter Members

** Bonnie McElveen-Hunter Silver Members

The Bonnie McElveen-Hunter Tiffany Circle Membership was established to honor the many extraordinary accomplishments of the Chairman of the Board of the American Red Cross. By committing $100,000 over 10 years, these members stand united in ensuring that Red Cross services are available in our local community for neighbors in crisis.