Fundraise for Disasters

Collecting donations is a great way to help the Red Cross raise funds and build awareness during times of disaster, and it requires minimal planning on your part. We encourage you to collect checks from those who want to help so that each donor will have a cancelled check and an acknowledgement for tax purposes. If donors prefer to mail their checks, we will provide envelopes. If you accept cash donations, we will provide a donation log to record specific cash donations. You can make a credit card donation to the American Red Cross of Alaska via our secure national Red Cross website.

If you would like to collect donations for the Red Cross, please send your name, address, and phone number, along with a brief description of your fundraising plan, to Tanguy Libbrecht by email or phone at (907) 646-5414.

    Collect Donations

  • Collect donations in your place of business.
  • Collect donations in your commmunity.
  • Organize an employee collection at your place of work.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the American Red Cross of Alaska. Listed below are some of the many ways that you can help us help others.

Please note that the Red Cross is unable to accept non-monetary donations such as food and clothing because of storage and transportation requirements. Financial donations are the most efficient way for our organization to meet the emergency needs of individuals and families who have lost their homes to fires and other disasters.

Host a Special Event

  • Host a benefit party.
  • Host a silent auction benefit.
  • Donate a portion of your business proceeds to the American Red Cross.

Please be advised that hosting an event requires considerably more work on your part. You must determine the date, location, and logistical details and be responsible for all promotion. Also, we cannot guarantee that a Red Cross representative will be available during times of disaster, so you may be responsible for collecting and holding on to the donations until you can bring them to our office during regular business hours (9:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m.).

If you would like to host an event, please please send your name, address, and phone number, along with a detailed description of your plan to Tanguy Libbrecht by email or phone at (907) 646-5414.

Place an American Red Cross Banner on Your Web site

The American Red Cross of Alaska chapter has the capability to track your employee, customer, and supplier donations through our web site. By using a secure link, you can push out an email to all employees, or post a banner ad on your company’s Intranet and encourage your contacts to go there to make a credit card donation. If you would like to place a banner on your web page, please contact Tanguy Libbrecht by email or phone at (907) 646-5414.

Donate In-Kind Products

The Red Cross sometimes accepts bulk donations of products that are immediately needed for an ongoing disaster relief operation. We also accept certain bulk quantities of water or food. "Bulk donations" refer to large donations of a single product, and are typically provided by companies that manufacture or distribute the product and have the resources to ship it directly to the disaster site.

Due to limited storage options, the American Red Cross of Alaska is only able to accept bulk donations during times of disaster. If your company has a large bulk donation that you think would aid Red Cross relief efforts, please contact us at 907-646-5401.

Please note, we are unable to accept small, individual donations of goods or collections of items such as clothing, food, toys, furniture, medical or cleaning supplies. You can call 211 to locate a non-profit organization that could benefit from your in-kind donation. Or, hold a garage/rummage sale with the items and donate the proceeds to the Red Cross.

Hold a Blood Drive

The Blood Bank of Alaska coordinates all blood services for the state, and has several locations throughout Alaska. For more information on helping meet the Alaska's blood needs, please contact them at