We are More Resilient When We Get Connected

Join together before to be ready during, makes us more resilient after.

When an emergency strikes, we come together to help each other. Most of these networks and connections are either in-person or online. Consider the relationships that you already have, whether it be family, friends, or neighbors, and stay in touch with them, have a communication plan. Here are some ways to get connected before, to be more prepared during and more resilient after. If you are just learning about using the internet start here.

Before: Install Apps on your mobile devices. Build your in-person communities. Agree to stay in touch.

Here are ways to connect to your inner circle online:


  • Like and follow pages with emergency-related information to populate in your newsfeed to stay informed. Such as your local Red Cross, Fire Department and local news channel.
  • Create a Facebook group with your inner circle of family and friends so you can quickly send messages, share supplies, and make a plan.
  • In the case of emergency “Safety Check” is activated, Facebook will ask you to post you are safe. You can check if your friends are family are safe by going to Safety Check.
  • Twitter

  • Like and follow emergency-related feeds to stay informed, such as your local American Red Cross chapter, Fire Department and local news channels.
  • In the case of emergency, tweet that you are safe.
  • Nextdoor

    Nextdoor Nextdoor is a private social network for your neighborhood that is both a mobile app and email feed, with multiple advantages. In case of emergency, you can find and share local information and resources with your neighbors. Download the app to your phone and set up your profile today to be prepared for any event.

    National Night Out

    National Night Out is an annual community-building event with safety demonstrations, seminars, and visits from emergency personnel. Register to receive notices of upcoming events in your area: https://natw.org/registration.

    Red Cross mobile apps

    Red Cross offers a variety of apps with vital information for you to prepare and respond to different emergencies. Download apps before disaster strikes. To download free apps, visit www.redcross.org/apps or search “American Red Cross” in your phones mobile app store. Our personal favorite is the “Emergency” app. It has a live, up to the moment, map of open shelters!

    Connections in-person

    Build a network in your community through your social networks, your groups, organizations, clubs, and churches. Have a plan to stay connected. Down load this Emergency phone list, fill out with all your important numbers such as your family, your local emergency contacts and your community. And don’t forget to include your agreed contact/meeting place outside of your area in case of a major disaster.