Home Fire Preparedness Campaign

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The American Red Cross and its partners aim to reduce home fire deaths and injuries by 25% in five years with the Home Fire Preparedness Campaign (Fall 2014-2019).

Georgia volunteers and supporters are joining local efforts by installing home smoke alarms in high-risk areas. With each home visit, they also help residents plan for a quick fire evacuation and safe meeting place. Teams expect to install some 10,000 new alarms in target neighborhoods by summer 2016.

We’re asking every Georgia household to join the campaign by taking two simple steps that can save lives:

  • Install smoke alarms and/or ensure current alarms are working.
  • Hold practice fire drills at home
More volunteers are always welcome! For more information, contact: Stella Kim - Stella.Kim@redcross.org

Additional resources (English/Spanish):

Home Fire Safety Checklist

Home Fire Escape Plan

Group Photo/Caption:

Red Cross volunteers and members of the Gwinnett County Fire Department worked as a team to install 350 new smoke alarms for residents of the Jones RV Park in Norcross on April 18, 2014.