Lines of Service

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We help Georgia communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies:

  • Disaster Response (24-Hour Help Line: 404-876-3302, option 1) The Red Cross, working with its emergency partners, meets the immediate, disaster-caused needs families have for emergency shelter, food, and health and mental health services. We also feed emergency workers, handle inquiries from concerned family members outside the disaster area and help those affected by disaster to access other available resources.
  • Register as Safe and Well - If you have been affected by a disaster, this website provides a way for you to register yourself as “safe and well.” From a list of standard messages, you can select those that you want to communicate to your family members, letting them know of your well-being.
  • Lifesaving Training and Products - (Customer Service: 404-876-3302, option 3) Red Cross first aid, CPR and AED programs give people the confidence to respond in an emergency with skills that can save a life. Red Cross is also a leader in lifeguard training. In addition, we teach families, the workplace and our community how to prepare for emergencies and disasters.
  • International Services (Get Help: 404-876-3302, option 1) As part of the world's largest humanitarian network, the Red Cross helps to alleviate the suffering of victims of war, disaster and other international crises, and works with other Red Cross and Red Crescent societies to improve chronic, life-threatening conditions in developing nations. We reconnect families separated by emergencies and educate the American public about international humanitarian law.

Ways you can help:

Donate Blood (Make an Appointment to Donate Blood: 800-GIVE-LIFE) The American Red Cross, Blood Services Southern Region collects, tests, processes and distributes blood to meet the needs of accident victims, cancer patients and children with blood disorders.

Become a Volunteer (Volunteer Information: 404-876-3302, option 4) The caring hearts and helping hands of volunteers are essential to providing vital Red Cross programs and services.

Make a Financial Contribution in support of vital Red Cross services (Donate by Phone: 404-876-3302, option 6) to translate your caring and concern into positive action.